These are of the same model as the speakers I own and use.

Bought off eBay for £58 (and £8.90 of transport to pick them up), quite the bargain!

With a minimum of efforts, these should be looking gorgeous on top of being great sounding! I should be making a pretty penny once sold (if I do not find it too difficult to part with them...).

Day 0 - Initial state

Left speaker

Right speaker


Day 1 - Fixing a bass driver

Unglued spider
Unglued spider

After checking that the electronics were not in a worrying shape, I plugged the speakers into the amplifiers... The spider on the left bass unit was detached from the basket, which generated vibrations; nothing dramatic. Nothing that Superglue Gel wouldn't solve!

13661921_10153845918651973_2581469085835065427_oAnd indeed, after 12h, I plugged the speaker back, and did some testing. A few clean sine waves (40 Hz and a few others in the low range, generated using Audacity), then music, starting with Limit To Your Love by James Blake, as it proposes a great mix of electronically generated deep bass along with a generous helping of the rest of the audible bandwidth.

Back to sounding as good as new, properly gorgeous: very clean sound, articulate medium, tight bass (amazing for the size).

Day 2 - Wood restoration, right speaker


  1. Clean with a damp cloth
  2. Dry with a dry cloth
  3. Use  000 steel wool
  4. Get rid of the dust with a dry cloth
  5. Apply Restor-A-Finish with 0000 steel wool
  6. Wipe dry
  7. Wait for 30mn
  8. Apply Feed-N-Wax
  9. Wait for 30mn
  10. Wipe with a clean cloth
  11. Buff with a soft cloth

Let's compare directly...

compare right plinth compare right side

Specs and text

Stylised PembrokeOur smallest floor standing system, the Castle Pembroke combines high performance with great flexibility. That is because it uses our acclaimed downward firing reflex port technique. This gives the twin advantages of dispersing the ‘chuffing’ effect common to all forward firing reflex designs and allows greater freedom of room placement. The Pembroke can be positioned very close to a rear wall without impairing sound quality.

A 130mm carbon fibre coned bass unit with a shaped 30mm pole, oversized magnet and long throw voice coil gives the Pembroke performance which belies its compact size with bass extension down to 52Hz. High frequencies are handled by Castle’s own low modulus polyamide dome tweeter used in many of our Classic Range models for its smooth extension, clarity and accuracy. Overall smooth, dynamic response is assured by the Pembroke’s audiophile grade crossover which also offers the option of bi-wiring.

Frequency Response 45Hz-20kHz
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
Sensitivity 87dB for 1W at 1m
Amplifier Requirements 15-75 Watts
System Type Downward firing reflex
Bass Unit 130mm (5 in.) woven carbon fibre coned, cast chassis
Treble Unit 19mm (.75 inch) low modulus polyamide
Height 710mm (28 in.)
Width 190mm (8.4 in)
Depth 220mm (8.7 in.)
Weight Each 9.7kg (21.3 lbs)
Weight Packed 22kg (48.4 lbs)


Castle Classic Brochure
Castle Classic Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual