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Expensive looking, cheap to build, just as good sounding speaker cables

Nearly a year ago, I needed to make a pair of speaker cables for my daughter, Ksénia, and I wanted them to look great.

So I have spent more than 50% of the budget on bling! Still a cheap project. This 2.5m pair cost less than £35 in total, with a lot of leftover material.

The base is made of a 4-core 2.5mm2 copper flex electrical cable. Not 99.999% OFC or anything. Oxidation is not really an issue as the terminations are also soldered. 2 cores would have been more than enough, but twisting adds some bling and perceptive quality.

The rest is a matter of braiding, heat shrink tubing and shiny 4mm Z bananas and spades (the amp doesn't take bananas).

I believe that it looks good and cool and will be quite durable. It sure sounds the same as any other speaker cable worth using.

It was also a fun build.

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