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Multimedia setup update/catch-up

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Well, it's been quite a while, so here are the changes since last update:

  • New main room stereo loudspeakers (free, but ultimately a sad story) -  Kralk Audio TDB-8
  • New USB DAC in the main room. It brings the last bits of features left on my would like list and measures so well in all meaningful domains that anything better will be pointless - TOPPING D50s, a birthday gift. Nothing wrong with Chi-Fi when it's well engineered like this one
  • New 55" FALD LCD 4K HDR Sony TV, an upgrade from 1080p LCD, using a voucher from Emma's work
  • Raspberry Pi 4s on the TVs. Does 4K HDR and x.265/HEVC video, as well as all HBR multichannel audio. It's not only cheap, but it's also the only device I know off that is able to send video on one HDMI port and audio on the other (my receiver is too old and its HDMI version does not handle 4K video or ARC, and by extension eARC). I'll upgrade to a Denon AVC-3700H when I grow up!
  • New server hardware. The Gen2 i5 laptop has been replaced by a 7th Gen i5, thus faster and needing less electricity. It's also much more practical with its very small footprint - Intel NUC7i5BNH, massively good lot deal off Facebook Marketplace, bought a few, sold a few, financed mine
  • Additional disk in the NAS. Two extra TB
  • New Wi-Fi access point, providing an upgrade from 300 Mbps N to 1750 MBps AC, another voucher
  • New ISP, now symmetric 150 Mbps fiber from 60/10 aDSL, and much cheaper
  • New 8 port GigE switch, using the change from the TV's voucher

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